Amino acid analyser 2022-02-25

We present a new microanalytical instrument, an amino acid analyser, from the Institute of Chemistry, ELTE TTK. The new instrument reliably serves the needs of research, industrial projects and university education.


400 MHz NMR 2022-02-14

We present the latest member of the family of the ELTE Institute of Chemistry, the 400 MHz NMR instrument, which is highly automated. With its state-of-the-art technology, it quickly and efficiently serves not only BSc and MSc education, but also routine research needs.


Synthesis+ workshop via Microsoft Teams 2022-02-08

17. February 2022, Thursday 14.00

Ion trap mass spectrometry 2022-02-07

We present a new structural research instrument, an ion trap mass spectrometer, from the Institute of Chemistry at ELTE. The tandem mass spectrometer equipped with an electrospray ion source is freely available to ELTE faculty and researchers.